Welcome to Malaville

Mala Bryan

Hello and welcome to Malaville!!

I Mala Bryan, President of Malaville and the creator of The Malaville Debut Collecton Dolls would like to give a warm welcome to you.

The debut collection is just one of many. I started the collection with a four beautiful shades of brown skin toned fashion dolls, with beautiful afro and curly hair.  I personally am a doll collector and felt the need to create something I felt was missing in my collection and also something I felt other doll collectors and lovers (both adult and children) would love to add to their collection.

I hope that you will join us on our journey enjoy our stories of fun and adventure.  So I will start off by sharing some beautiful pictures of some of the lovely citizens of Malaville (The Malanites) and a photoshoot last week.

Enjoy . . . 

Our gorgeous fashion stylist Maisha 


And our ever so glamorous fashion designer Mala B



Resident fashion model Malina


Beautiful Mhina our go to party planner


And here you have it, this clothing collection will be available for purchase soon.



  • Would love to order 2 of each doll and clothing. How can i do this.

    Stacey Shields

  • Hello I would like to Order a doll or perhaps more …how we can Do it?how is the price? Looking forward to heAr from u. Kindly regards. .katrin

    Katrin Tehe

  • Hi. I would like to order a doll for my Granddaughter. How do I go about ordering dolls and do you have other dolls to chose from?

    DIane Labbe

  • My granddaughter is four and she wants clothes for Mala so she can have fun playing with her/dressing her. How soon can I order clothes???

    Nadine Baker

  • How do I buy…..can you make this website shopper friendly…

    Sonya Gary

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